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We Fight Deportation And The Removal Process

Foreign nationals who enter or stay in the United States illegally, live with the constant worry and fear of deportation. At the Law Office of Nazly Mamedova, our immigration lawyers work with clients in Cincinnati and throughout the tri-state area to defend illegal immigrants and fight deportation proceedings and removal. If you need a removal defense attorney or a deportation lawyer in Cincinnati, our immigration lawyers have the experience to defend you at a removal hearing.

Violating Immigration Laws

When a noncitizen violates the immigration laws of the United States, they are at risk for deportation. Common examples include:

  • Attempting to cross a U.S. border without the proper documentation
  • Attempting to enter the U.S. with forged documents
  • Overstaying the time allowed on a visa
  • Violating a visa by working without authorization
  • Committing a crime

If a noncitizen commits a crime, threatens public safety or violates their visa by staying in the country past the permitted timeframe, under federal laws, the U.S. may detain and remove (or deport) that noncitizen. Law enforcement officers from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, under the Department of Homeland Security, may detain anyone believed to be in violation of U.S. immigration laws, or involved with illegal goods and human trafficking.

Removal Proceedings

The removal process begins with a Notice to Appear, which provides notice to the noncitizen and the reasons or violations that resulted in an action for removal. Usually, the noncitizen is subject to detention during the entire process of removal, but in some cases, may be able to secure a bond for release. A noncitizen will be scheduled for a hearing. An immigration judge will consider each case and will decide if the noncitizen is allowed to remain in the country. The judge may also decide that the noncitizen should be removed or deported and issue an order of removal. Detainees and noncitizens are allowed to hire an attorney to represent them. Hiring an immigration attorney who is experienced with deportation proceedings and the removal process can help give a foreign national a better chance for a favorable outcome at a removal hearing.

Appealing An Order For Removal

When an immigration judge issues an order for removal, the noncitizen can appeal that decision. An appeal must be filed within a very strict time period (30 days) from the date of the order. An experienced immigration lawyer will be able to help a noncitizen file an appeal and having legal representation will give a noncitizen a better chance of successfully appealing an order for removal.

Facing Deportation? Contact A Removal Defense Attorney Today

Our experienced immigration attorneys are available for consultations by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call Call or send an email through our website. At this appointment, we will answer your questions, help you understand the process and explain more about how we can help you with your case.